Our Story

Lyly came to America in 1993 with no word of English and no relatives in America. She has worked really hard to make ends meet.  The passion to serve, to cook for others has always been in her and she took the opportunity to purchase the restaurant from her previous employer and has operated very successful since then. Her mission is to bring the very best authentic food to the community. Thanhthanh 2 was the very first Vietnamese restaurant in Portland area and has been the number 1 place to go for Pho (rice noodle soup).

Most of the products are purchased locally to make sure it fresh. Our Pho is one the most desire dish in Maine. It takes 18hours to cook with beef bone and a lot of herbs into it.

Thanhthanh2 has been and always bring the best dishes to you and the community. And we want you to have the best experience by make you feel like home.